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Cluster - the big new shooter project of GALAXYCRAFTED

This is a one-Person Project and an indie game of an young German game developer

NEW! We have a Discord c:


 NOTICE : There is a bug that u have to restart the game after creating an account! If you want to play with others, play on the EU - Amsterdam server because there are the most players!

Experience a great adventure in a big Online-Shooter!


  • 7 Game modes: Team Death match, Free For All, Capture of Flag, Demolition, Elimination, Cover Point and Gun Race.
  • Player team system.
  • Shooter AI (Bots).
  • Team Voice chat.
  • Private and Public matchs.
  • Player Classes, 4 kinds of players classes with different load-outs (Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon)
  • 8 different types of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade, Molotov, Grenade Launcher, and Knife.
  • Friend List.
  • Lobby chat.
  • High performance.
  • Shop System.
  • Level System.
  • Clan System.
  • Kill Streaks.
  • Class Customization.
  • Weapon Customization.


Buy Now1.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 1.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

Cluster.zip 766 MB
Cluster.apk 801 MB

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May I know that can I run this game 
My specs
8GB ram
i3 10th gen
Intel UHD Graphics G1
that's all

Yea that could Work. But try lower graphic settings 

OK thx

just explain why this game always appears the error like cannot read property build of undefined

Can you Tell me on which Plattform and when the error appears? 

i'm using windows 10 
and every time i download it the install path is empty but i couldn't do anything and the error appeared right after i had clicked the install button

But you dont install it. Or do you use itchio hub? Because of you download it, it's a zip file with an pre installed game.

i use itch.io client so help me with this situation

Well itch.io has some Bugs, Download the zip here from the Website and extract it using a zip Program. U can easily open the folder after that and start the game. 

can you play this offline

we are currently working on some kind of offline mode, but currently you need an active Internet Connection


Well I have to say thank you I guess c:


xD i think you like it? Great to hear

Yea its so fun!!! Thanks for making this sale :))))))

No Problem! c:

i still haven't played the game but the graphics look nice and the action of shooting seems fun and awesome
best of luck for your next project

Thank you so much! I hope you can play it soon, it`s really fun!

Well I haven't played yet nd I'm not sure when I'll be able to play.  Anyway I wish you good

Thank you so much! I hope you can play it Asap c:. I also wish you the best!

I haven't tried it yet, and I am not sure my PC would be able to handle it, so I can't respond satisfactorily...

Okay! But I'm pretty sure your PC can handle it! If you start, just head to the settings and set everything to ultra low! The minimum Hardware is an Intel HD, 4 GB of Ram and i3 of the second generation!

Well, my minimum hardware is 13-6006u, intel hd 520, 4GB RAM! 

I think this will function, try it on the lowest settings. If you are in the main menu, just head the the right-top corner on the "gear" and set everything unchecked and to off/Ultra Low

Oh, and just use the main map, so the mars map!

why mega couldnt you just upload it to itchio also you need to pay or atleast make an account to get more download space

yea but itchio only supports up to 1 gb, and itchio wants you to create an account but currently im working on it

i have seen some games over 1 gigs it is totally possible

I received an E-Mail today that my upload size was increased, I do it today in a few minutes! c:

just made an account also nice game name: FreegameBeelame nick: RealCrusher2831

really detailed like csgo but without the crates

Thank you c:

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